Exploring a Faith That Embraces Discipleship
Leading From the Inside

Bill asks leaders about their greatest gift, the life of God that stirs within. Then he moves on to their greatest calling, to be a good example to their followers. He confronts them by declaring, "What you are becoming will determine your influence, more than skill, talent, or pedigree." Then he shocks them by saying that the testing ground for Christlikeness will be in our ordinary life, in the common things. Bill shares what a leader must do and how he must go about it to develop the kind of character to whom others will submit and follow.

Get in the Game
Utilizing the metaphor of athletic competition, namely the "Game," Bill helps men understand the game, what is at stake and how they can get into the game, make their lives have full meaning and function. Then he moves on to training for the game, what is required to prepare for the game. Finally, he talks about playing the game. Bill draws from his own athletic experience to place profound scriptural concepts in a common wrapper.
Bill Hull
Long Beach, CA
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