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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Keeping in Touch!

The Bonhoeffer Project launched at All Saints’ Church in Long Beach.

Pictured above the Alpha Class from L to R:
John Blue, Brandon Cook, Scott Pedersen, Bruce Cook, Geron Bryan, Tim Culling, Bob Wriedt, Bill Hull. Not pictured: Robbie Chevrant, Bryan Benson


The Complete Book of Discipleship has been translated into Indonesian.

Letters: Disciplemaking is for kids
Every now and then I get a thank you letter. You need to see this and apply it to you, because my one class a semester job at Biola would not be possible if you did not pray and support this ministry of writing and speaking. My class might be their first opportunity to grapple with vital Biblical concepts. I get to communicate my years  of disciplemaking to the same group of people—weekly—and test them on it. It could not be better.

Subject: Thank You
Professor Hull,
I just wanted to thank you for your AMAZING class.  It was by far one of my favorite classes I have taken at Biola. Thank you for your genuine love for Him and wonderful ability to share your love for Him and knowledge about Him with your students.  I learned so much from who you are and your class. I used to look forward to Wednesdays every week, I am so sad your class is over. :( But I am so thankful I got to take it!
Thank you again! I hope your semester is going well so far!
In Him,

Subject: Thank You
I was just watching your video, Jesus And The Gospel. I wanted to thank you for your ministry in my life even though we have never met. I was involved with a church in Iowa that went through the T-Net training about 15 years ago.
I have pastored for almost 30 years and spent 13 years working with university students and Bible college students. You materials became the core philosophy in discipling them. They are now around the world.
I am currently pastoring a small church that was discouraged and had not grown for decades. Our attendance has more than doubled, but what really excites me is the number of church members who are beginning to disciple believers and reach unbelievers with evangelistic Bible studies. Your teaching has been critical in preparing me for this ministry.
Thank you for not only teaching, but packaging it in a way that is reproducible. I am deeply in your debt.

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Monday, 19 January 2015

Quote of the Month

Keeping in Touch!

I am thrilled that both our local and online Bonhoeffer Projects are now full. We begin by forming the communities on January 22 and the online version in early February. I plan to be spending a good deal of time with these men and women in 2015.

Spiritual leaders all, will be confronted with simple questions: do we follow Jesus because we have religious jobs or because he compels us from within? Discipleship is a life of following someone else, so are we leading others and to where?

Those who reproduce and multiply do so from a base of spiritual fire, a fire that burns and that won’t go out. It is much more than talking. It is taking people by the hand and leading them.

We would ask for your prayers as we begin a process that we pray will multiply and offer interested leaders a means of becoming disciple makers. Our calling as leaders is to teach by word and to teach by life what Jesus has called us to: world revolution.Bill Hull

We cannot do what God alone can do, but we do play a part in the redemptive drama. So, first we seek not to speak, we seek to have something to say. We ask God to make us desperate to have authentic lives into which we can invite others. I plan to pass along some good stories of God working among us this year.


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