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Sunday, 14 December 2014


The following are the non-reserach books I read in 2014 with my one word reviews

1. C.S. Lewis          Alister McGrath        Fresh

2. Prayer                Tim Keller               Renewing

3. Miracles              Eric Metaxas           Exciting

4. A Strang Glory    Charles Marsh          Best 

5. The Last Lion      William Manchester   Long 

6. Biography of Baron Von Hugel  Michael De La Bedoyere     Boring

7. The Interior Castle  St. Teresa of Avila       Tweet-Tweet 

8. Is God a Moral Monster   Paul Copan        Difficult 

9. Killing Patton     Bill O'Reilly                Revealing

10. Young, Restless and no longer Reformed    Austin Fischer    Yeah! 

11. Luther, Preface to Romans   Martin Luther      Pristine 

12. Updike          Adam  Begley         Fleshy 

13. My Bright Abyss   Christian Wiman       Moving 

14. The Meaning of Marriage  Tim Keller     Convicting 

15. Michael Jordan      Roland Lazenby        Fun 

16. Command Authority  Tom Clancy        Kick-ass 

17. Whittaker Chambers    Sam Tanenhaus    Excess 

18. Seven Days That Divide The World          John Lennox      Wonder 

19. Wooden, A Coach's Life   Seth Davis       Old-School 

20. Gospel Patrons  John Rinehart        Inspiring

21. The Theology of Dallas Willard     Gary Black    Impossible 

22. C. S. Lewis       A.N. Wilson         Really? 

23. Kingdom Conspiracy  Scot McKnight     Finally 

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