Exploring a Faith That Embraces Discipleship
Friday, 16 August 2013
 I am so thankful for God given me the push to write. I was an unlikely suspect, but he chose me to give my life to publication about making disciples. I was again moved today about what my friend Dallas Willard said about one of my books, The Disciple Making Pastor. 

"Bill Hull tells us the truth about church life and its leadership--biblically, courageously, and intelligently. I have no doubt that this is the best book available on disciple making and disciple development in the contemporary church. And this is the single most important issue now facing the church worldwide."--Dallas Willard, author, The Divine Conspiracy and Renovation of the Heart; professor of philosophy, University of Southern California, Los Angeles

It helps to be encouraged, we all need it 

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Bill Hull
Long Beach, CA
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