Exploring a Faith That Embraces Discipleship
Monday, 31 December 2012
 An accommodationist church is one who has trimmed back the specific demands of the Christian faith. Such requirements as repentance of sin, the following of the clear moral teachings of the New Testament, the belief in a literal resurrection, et al are not considered necessary for membership. These churches surprisingly don't disappear, they decline and then level off with their own market niche. It survives most vigorously in the nation's intelligentisia which makes one wonder what value there is to intelligence. These Christians retain a cultural clout disproportionate to their numbers. Ross Douthat says they are "forever failing-but forever being rediscovered." There seems to be a static market share for Americans who what to think about Jesus, to rediscover Jesus, to interact about Jesus, but not to follow Jesus. I suppose they would be fans, admirers, and users, but not disciples. There is a tendency in us all to accomodate, to go in search of a Jesus we can be comfortable with and who will affirm our every quirk and prejudice- please don't follow that Jesus, the real Jesus  isn't an accommondationist. Dietrich Bonhoeffer said is so well, "Christianity without discipleship is always Christianity with out Christ." Jesus calls us to follow him, that way we accommodate him. 
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Bill Hull
Long Beach, CA
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